TENNESSEE OUT-REACH CENTER FOR HOMELESS was founded in 2013 with the mission “To ensure every person living in Anderson County has a safe place to sleep at night.”

Using a Housing First model, TORCH serves the homeless by providing assistance with a permanent housing address, thus allowing them to gain better access to stable employment, promotions, success in school and disability benefits, when appropriate.

We partner with and receive referrals from local churches, ADFAC, Ridgeview, Salvation Army, YWCA, Oak Ridge and Anderson County Schools, Red Cross, Domestic Violence Advocate, Methodist Medical Center, Free Medical Clinic, UnitedWay, DCS, Agape House of Oak Ridge, area motels and former clients. Our continuum of care is the TN Valley Coalition for the Homeless.

“No child or individual with disabilities sleeps outside.”


Individuals with Disabilities
Fleeing Domestic Violence

TORCH is a registered 501(c)3 organization.
All donations are completely tax deductible.

The Plan

The focus of RAISE A ROOF! is the construction of housing on two lots on Hamilton Circle. Purchased from the Oak Ridge Land Bank, the lots will be the home sites of one quadplex with two 2-bedroom units and two 1-bedroom units, and one duplex with two 3-bedroom units. Combined, this will provide housing for up to six families or twenty-four people at a time.

With a location in the center of town, the homes are on the bus routes to Willowbrook Elementary and Robertsville Middle School and in within walking distance to Oak Ridge High School as well as Methodist Medical Center, Free Medical Clinic, ADFAC, Ridgeview Behavioral Health and several employment opportunities.

Our initial goal to break ground and begin construction is $100,000, 10% of a long-term goal of $1,000,000 needed to grow the project. This initial phase should take 18 weeks to build and our plan is to begin housing RAISE A ROOF! clients by the end of summer 2021.

How It Works

The families and individuals with disabilities housed in the RAISE A ROOF! project will sign a contract worked out with case management formaximal allowable time of housing and other expectations.

They will graduate into another program, “Stable Ground”, funded by United Way of Anderson County, that continues to support families housed, for a limited time, with unexpected bills due to illness, car trouble or loss of work due to a child’s illness.

These families and individuals continue to work toward complete self-sufficiency so there is no worry of future eviction and/or the need of starting all over again.

The goal is to establish a secure environment in which people can grow to their full potential and succeed in work and school.

How You Can Help

With your donation to RAISE A ROOF!, the building of badly needed temporary housing for homeless families and disabled individuals can begin! Your gift not only aides those who are working to make it on their own, but serves our community as well. Secure housing brings success in school and work, leading to increased productivity and a better quality of life.

Donate Today

Donate by clicking the link below OR by mailing a check and the enclosed donor card to:

TORCH, Raise a Roof!
PO Box 5448
Oak Ridge, TN 37381