Tennessee Out-Reach Center for Homeless Application For Assistance:

Please review the necessary documentation needed to apply for assistance. Because we have a small staff, providing this in advance can help us determine if you are eligible for assistance and can help us get you enrolled into services a lot faster. A case manager can review this documentation with you if there is something that you do not understand. Should you not have the assistance of a case manager,  just don’t worry or stress about it.

Along with the application paperwork, you will be asked for 3 things:

1. A copy of an ID: Whatever you have will be fine. Please bring everything you have (ID, Birth Certificate, and Social Security Card) but you are not required to have everything.
2. Proof of income. Whatever you have. You are not required to have income for us to help you with some things, but if you do have income we are required to prove it. Some things that will work are: recent pay stubs, a food-stamp letter with income on it, A proof of benefits letter from social security, if you started a new job a letter from your employer stating your pay, estimated hours per week, and a name and phone number of the person signing the letter.
3. Verification of homelessness. Often the hardest. TORCH is required to prove you are homeless if we are going to pay anything for you. A letter from an agency or church stating that they are aware that you are homeless works best. If we cannot get this we can arrange to have someone visit you where you sleep (in your car or abandoned building) or camp and verify that you are homeless that way.

Please be aware, completing our application for assistance means that you feel like you would qualify as homeless and are asking for our assistance.

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