Trinity Out-Reach Center of Hope

It Takes Many Hands

to build a house, but it takes a community to make it a home.


Our Goal

is to work together as a commmunity to address the homelessness issue.


No address. No transportation. No ID. No birth certificate. No social security card.

Homeless individuals have many barriers to self-sufficiency. We assist them in overcoming those barriers.



(Homeless Management Information System)
This map shows 156 individuals receiving homelessness services in Knox County in the 2012 calendar year whose last known address was in Anderson County (with zip codes unique to Anderson County).



    Children’s Book ~ THE Home for Carley!!

    Children’s Book ~ THE Home for Carley!! ~ featuring artwork of elementary school students from area served.  Check it out!

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    Misty Greenhalgh – 6th grade student at JMS – PIT Poster

    Misty Greenhalgh, Jefferson Middle School 6th Grader Artwork chosen for the TVCH PIT Count Poster For all 12 counties in the continuum of care   Misty Greenhalgh is an amazing 6th grade art student of Mr. Jim Dodson at Jefferson Middle School in Oak Ridge. She submitted a piece of art work to the 2nd […]

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    Cold Hands, Warm Hearts: Lessons Learned Experienced by Tandy Scheffler

    “Cold Hands, Warm Hearts: Lessons Learned” On Thursday, January 15, I participated in Oak Ridge’s first “Sleep-Out,” an event to raise awareness of homelessness issues in our community. All Thursday, I was challenged by friends and contacts. They questioned the wisdom of my sleeping outdoors on such a cold night. Afterall, I was still recovering […]

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    My Night as a Homeless Person, by Mark Christiansen

    My Night as a Homeless Person The night began as it may for many homeless people, if they are lucky, with a bowl of hot soup served in a church. A warm refuge from the cold outside with warm companionship as well. We talked and heard about how things could be better at some time […]

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    Sheila Michel, Founder of TORCH experiences what it feels like to be without a home.

    “Cold Hands, Warm Hearts” There is something very different about sleeping outside for one night as opposed to knowing every night that is the only option. It’s kind of like saying you know what it is like to backpack because you’ve spent one night in a tent. I cannot imagine the fortitude required to continue […]

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    Pastor Steve Sherman, Reflects on his Cold Hands Warm Hearts Experience

    Reflections on Cold Hands Warm Hearts Event When Rev. Jake Morrill first suggested the idea of sleeping out to raise awareness for homelessness in Oak Ridge, I was all in. With all the hiking and camping I have done, I thought it would be a breeze to spend one night outside in the city. After […]

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    Pastor Brian Scott Reflects on His Night of Homelessness

    I spent Thursday night on the frigid, stone-cold ground, lying underneath a frozen, snow-covered Army lean-to. All on the front lawn of a local church at the corner of Tulane and the Turnpike. As a pastor, I’m accustomed to being inside the church not locked outside shivering in the cold. Just the realization of being […]

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    Counting the Days: The Story of A Local Homeless Man

    October 12th, 2013 was a day Mr. Smith would rather not remember. Before this date, he had a normal life: a place to live, a job with Clayton homes, with whom he had worked for a couple of years, and joint custody of his eight year old son. Unfortunately, October 12th had another plan for […]

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    Jefferson Middle School Poster Contest Winner

    Ms. Katie Roach is Anderson County poster contest winner for the annual Point in Time count poster contest. We are so proud of her and her artwork! It will be displayed around Anderson County with information about the PIT count!

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    Homelessness Forum In partnership with the Oak ridge Unitarian Universalist Church we held a homelessness forum on homelessness.

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